Lipp Lifetime Guarantee

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Lifetime Guarantee Terms and Conditions for Forever Sharp Knife Ltd & LiPP UK Ltd. 

The guarantee set out in these terms and conditions commences from the date of the sale of the Product. To claim under this guarantee, the date of purchase of the Product must be evidenced by an invoice/receipt, or through completion of the registration process on our website within 4 weeks from the date of purchase.

Under this Lifetime Guarantee

If there is a failure with the Forever Sharp Knife Product within the terms of the guarantee, we will replace.

The consumer is responsible for freight costs and insurance costs if the Product has to be returned for inspection to Forever Sharp Knife Ltd or LiPP UK Ltd.

The consumer is responsible for postage and handling costs to replace the product. Postage and handling will be additional to the free product replacement.

Failure to register the Product online and/or failure to submit a valid invoice/receipt will void the Lifetime Guarantee